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Aqua Clock
3 left
Rs. 1,499
Eco-friendly clock that runs on water.
Plastic People Salad Servers
Rs. 499
No more runner Beans or Tomatoes.
Stache Straws
Rs. 199
No more milkstache, drink your milk like a dapper man!
Bulls Eye Cocktail Sticks
4 left
Rs. 399
Spike your snacks and cocktails with these dart-shaped sticks that never miss!
Clock Safe
Rs. 1,499
Your secret stash.
Cross Holster
5 left
Rs. 3,049
The perfect lighweight bag for sports and leisure.
Coaster Quotes
Rs. 949
Simple, inspiring and quirky.
Silicone Alarm Clock
5 left
Rs. 399
Getting you up in style!
Door Latch Notepad
Rs. 895
Knock on Paper!
Shopaholic Shopper
Rs. 499
Shop till you drop by another shop.
LED Whiskey Glass
Rs. 375
Light up your favourite beverage.
Spider Wine Glass Holder
4 left
Rs. 1,949
Never juggle wine glasses again!